Lake Hakanoa Walkway

Photos are a little bit on the large size, will take a little while to download, but the wait's worth it!

Try out this almost 4k walk around Huntly's Lake Hakanoa
Start from the Domain and follow the trail, all metalled track suitable even for pushchairs, all flat!
Easy to walk, takes about 60 minutes. And if you haven't been around it for a while, it's grown!
And it's All new photos!

Park by the Boat Club and go to the right for the entrance to the walk.............

Start of the walkway

Walk through the first of the wetlands areas


You then come to the Global Gardens - watch them grow, after the Gardens see the Oak tree planted by Ted Smith in 1923

Global Gardens

View across the Lake towards the Huntly Power Station - 2 minutes after this photo was taken, it rained!


Entrance to the Green Cathedral, This area is really beautiful, arrangements can be made to hire this arena.

Green Cathedral

Another view of the seating in this wonderful area.


Heading onwards again, this is a branch in the walk, steps go up to a picnic table


Walking back to the car, this is a view by the Band Rotunda looking across the Lake to Lakeview Terrace


Hope you like these photos, they were taken on a fairly wet and windy day. Its amazing what you can do with digital photography..................

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