Rotowaro Open Cast Mine

Recently we toured the coalmines at Rotowaro - these are some of the photos that I took. This page is still developing!

First photo shows the remains of the carbonisation plant. Remember Carbonettes?

The Old Carbonisation Plant

The old coal mine by the carbonisation plant - showing an old underground mine!

Old underground mine exposed!

Larger photo of the above mine

Old opencaste - just waiting

Looking at a working mine

What A Truck!

Over $3,000,000 in Truck and Loader!

Loading a coal truck!

They say that coal from Rotowaro burns easy! Look at it burn when being mined! And notice the square shape of the coal? - was an underground mine, and you can see the old tunnels.

smoking coal

General view of the mine above!

Mary St

More burning coal, more dust! Thank Goodness for air-conditioning!

Mary St

End of the line!

Mary St

Old photograph of Rotowaro - now no longer. Circle at top right is the carbonisation plant, circle on top left is the old coal mine, and large circle at the bottom- that includes the old town - that's the new opencast mine!

Rotowaro township in 1947

Will tidy up this area, more details to come, but it's up and running!!

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