Yanny's Workshops

Over the last ten years Yanny has developed a series of workshops that have become very popular.
The following is a brief description of the main classes.

The Fascinating World Of Shibori

From colour to the cloth to manipulating and shaping, overdying the material. It's the secret and suprising world of Shibori

Collaboration between traditional Shibori techniques and other fibres can open another world for fibre artists. We can learn about Arashi (Pole wrapping) folding, stitching, and gathering, playing with discharge and discover the neverending patterns that will enrich your artwork.

This workshop is for beginners and for people that have done dyeing before. It will make your life much more colourful.

The workshop can be from 2, 3 or 4 days. We prefer 3 to 4 days.

Fragments of Imagination
Mixed Media Fibre Workshop

This workshop explores concept, process and outcome.

We experiment with different techniques and materials, combining old tradional methods with amazing new ideas. There will be a strong focus on design towards a individual piece, or a set of three, or an instalation. There will be lots of surface design and 3D construction.

We will give your sewing machine a good workout and there will be some hand-stitching. This workshop is for people that want to work outside their own boundries, experiment weth new ideas, create lots of samples, and also have a great time.

This workshop is for people that know how to use their sewing machine.

This workshop is a 4 day workshop.

Bits 'n Bobs - Bold 'n Beautiful

This is the theme of aworkshop based on Crazy Patchwork

We will work with fibre, paper, plastic, copper and other materials. We push the bournies with putting all sorts of materials together, and in creating new fabrics!
From traditional to contemporary surface design, from hanging fibre work to wearable pieces. This is a workshop for Quilters and Patchworkers to gain new ideas to be able to incorporate into their own work, or going outside the boundries of traditional quilting. It's about a joining between the tradition and the contemporary, inspiring new ideas, there are no boundries, only excitment and onto the end with lots of ideas and samples.

Suitable for either a 3 or 4 day workshop.

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An original watercolour "Yanny" by artist Ruth Davey, January 2000, at the Raglan Summer School.

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