Kamo Brick & Tile & Pottery Ltd

I know that in the late 1800's there was coal mined at Kamo. And where there is coal there is usually good clay! Have been able to find out that the Kamo Brick and Tile and Pottery Ltd opened in 1914.

Can anyone else help?

From Mr C. Taylor - former Production Manager at Kamo Green, and former Technical Manager at A.B.Bricks, Auckland - and we are extremely greatful for his information! This is what the WWW is all about - Thanks!!

Regarding the K-G UNIFRAX BW brick, I think you will find that it is from the now "extinct" Kamo Green Refractories brick plant in Kamo Whangarei, Northland.
The wording means K-G Kamo Green, UNIFRAX is a lower grade fire brick produced by pressing and made largely from local Northland coal measure clays.
BW, a "B" wedge, you will probably find that the brick is slightly tapered, allowing it to be used in tunnels, arches, etc
And it has a very slight taper

The Kamo DP brick - DP is a dry pressed brick.

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