Introducing Alan Coates, your Designer of this Web Site! Alan can be contacted by

Phone 07 828 9914,
Fax 07 828 9679
Email Alan@huntly.net.nz
P. O. Box 268,


Get Firefox!

Web design should be simple! Your brief would be to make it simple, and fast!
Not too many flash "Bells and Whistles" They just slow things down!!

So that's a very important point!

Keep what you say short and sweet, To the point!
Make sure that you can be contacted on every page - don't let your client go looking for that address, you will lose that contact! Sounds simple, but a lot of designers forget that!

Another most important point! Web pages are an example of a living page - Keep it up to date! This is a must!

Alan can do all this and more!
Alan has spent the last seven years learning, looking, thinking and absorbing all about web pages, now he might not make the most flashy show with plenty of picture pages that take minutes and minutes to download. But he can make a page that will work; fast, quick, and to the point! After all, he has spend 7 years at selling online, and that's not easy!
Alan will provide meta tags so that the search engines can find you, will help arrange links, and make sure they work, and most important!

Will keep your pages up to Date!

All this and more can be done for YOU! We can build you a page from $100.00 to as big as you like! Just phone Alan now on 07 828 9914, email alan at alan@huntly.net.nz

Awards that Alan and this website has won!
New Zealand's
Information Network - Bronze Award

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