The Hakarimata Walkway

Park in the car park, lock your car, and this sign is straight ahead.

Sign for the walkway

Climb over the style and just look at those steps ahead. But don't worry, just take it easy.....

first big steps Showing the start of the climb. These steps are possibly the worse that you will climb, and you see the big pine tree ahead?
That's the lower lookout! and where you will find the seats for that first rest! Under the shade of the Big Pine Tree!
And remember - it's going to get better!

Almost straight after the rest, the track branches - one straight up to the top lookout, and the other loops around to the kauri trees and grove.
My suggestion is to head towards the kauri trees, you now walk through a nice bush area, listen carefully and you can hear the Tui singing, and if really lucky you could see one flying overhead! I did! And later on fantails, and even a wood pidgeon flew past!
Heading towards the Kauri

Nikau Palm Throughout this area you see many samples of the Nikau palm, New Zealand's only native palm tree. Coming down from the top lookout is also a very large grove of Nikau palms.
A very spectacular looking palm tree!
Another one of my favourites is the lancewood - and you can see these also in this area.

And them you approach the big Kauri - you see it first by looking up in the air - the biggest Kauri tree here in the Hakarimata Ranges. This one is estimated at 600 years old - just a young tree!
You can sit in peace and relax - and watch this stately tree, in the shade.
Kauri Tree

Same Tree
Looking straight up!

I took this photo by looking straight up, and you could say it's a long up!

Yes I know - I just had to get in the photo somehow!
but it's just to show you how wide this little tree is.
Long Way Round

Sign to Grove

Part of the grove of young Kauri Trees! Spectacular looking site. The tallness of these young trees reaching for the light. For more details click here! Young Kauri Trees

Kauri Leaves Leaves of the young Kauri tree

And then I ran out of floppy disks! More next trip!!
Still working on this page - will have to walk the walk again to finish taking photos, also intend to walk right through to Ngaruawahia one day.
Will also make new links about the Kauri tree and much more.

Just keep calling back!

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