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Alan's Jewellery Course

Never done any jewellery making before?
We will make it easy for you!

Even if you have, join in -
Because it still will be fun!

Yanny In this workshop we will start of by making a pair of earrings, why? Because it's easy and we will teach you a couple of ideas that will make things a whole lot easier later on! True!

From there we will progress on a necklace, can be a simple design, or a bit harder. We will have samples already made up which you can copy and adapt! Gives you a good idea of what to make. This necklace can match the earrings, or not - your choice!

Instead of a necklace we could try a bracelet, it's all your choice

The most important thing in this course is that you have fun, and make what you like, not what I like! I'm only here to give you guidence.

We will have a large range of findings, beads, semi-precious stones all available for online and at the workshop. We also have a large range of Paua shell products including laminates, tumbled shell pieces, polished shell pieces, and laser cut paua beads, forms etc. And also if you have your favourite bead, or old necklaces that need remodelling - no problems. Bring them along too!

Cost of the workshop will be $75.00 for the day, and kitset of $10.00. All tools will be available to use, however if you want to bring your own, no problems. Same with any beads or old jewellery that you have, bring them along! What to bring:
Bring a mug or cup to drink your tea or coffee out of - we'll supply the tea and coffee.
Bring your lunch.
Bring a pen and paper to write and design things with. If you have a favourite bead, semi-precious stone, necklace or whatever bring it along - we will talk about, or pull it to pieces or just admire it.
We will supply some findings, crimps and small beads, others you will have to buy. We will have a range of items for sale, ranging in price from 01c to $25.00 each - your choice. Remember what you make you can pull to pieces and redesign it, that's no problem! By that I mean if you decide you either don't like what you design, you can pull it to bits and reuse all the beads again. It happens!
We will have tools that you can use, however if you have your own and want to bring them, that's okay with me. Make sure they have your name on them.

Bit about Alan:
Alan's been around for a while! Been a dealer in Antiques and Collectables for many years. Has always sold a lot of jewellery from very expensive diamonds in gold, to vintage, to normal beads. He started with repairing other jewellery which of course lead into new jewellery. There might be a few around who can remember years ago Alan making earrings and drop necklaces out of old chandeliers - extremely popular at the time!
Nowdays he getting semi retired and trying to fit in a few relaxing ideas!

Hope you will join into this workshop - it's going to be FUN!

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