Huntly Schools

Tell me about it all! Then I can put it all in!

Did a quick search of the local web and found these schools, if there are other local schools around, please let me know and you too can be on this page.

We found Gordonton School again, it's now at Gordonton School and also found Huntly College

Thans Jo, who has just let us know about Kimihia School which is on Tamihana Ave - website is at

The following did have sites but have now all gone missing - anyone know where they are?

little Waiterimu School. Sorry, Waiterimu has disappeared also, anyone know where it is? (The website I mean)
Here's another, just arrived on this page, try St. Anthonys School And now we have heard from Orini Combined School

There must be other Schools around our locality, let me know and a link will be put on this page!

If not, then now's your chance! Make your own web page and link here. Or get a price from Alan to design and put it here for you!

Entrance Huntly College

Entrance to Huntly College.

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