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We are Alan Coates, and Yanny Split. Moved to Huntly about 1996 from Auckland, to lead a slower and more laidback life.Alan has been an Antique Dealer for many, many years, and Yanny is a well known Fabric Artist, and if you would like to see more of her and her work, just click here

We have become accepted into this community very quickly and must admit we enjoy Huntly very much. Yanny is a member of BPW and has become known around town for her Design and Teaching work; her involvement with the Huntly Textile Awards, and ownership of the Raglan Summer School of Art.
One of her highlights was in early 2001, when the Waikato Trust set up the new Trust for Arts and Music, (Arts Waikato) she was elected as one of the first Trustees of this organisation, and in 2004 when elected Vice-chairman.
And late 2001, was also elected Chairman of the Combined Textiles Guild of New Zealand Inc. March 2002 was appointed to the Creative CommunitiesNZ Assessment Committee for the Waikato District, and became Chairman in 2004. In 2004 both Alan and Yanny became involved in creating the new Huntly Art Trail which is held in February 2005.

Alan also became involved with Lions, and created www.huntly.net.nz Huntly's new web site, which is creating interest all over the world, and growing extremely fast!
Alan has been online now for over eight years, and has developed a great interest in the internet and the abilities of this new medium.
Has designed many and varied websites and has written some easy programmes for his own antique work. He has now decided to use this interest, to try and put a little back into his new community. Hence this Huntly site.

Alan also has helped start up Huntly Seniornet Inc. was Secretary/Treasurer of this new and fast growing organisation for a while. During 2001 was elected as the Chairman of Waikato Coalfields Museum, The largest Museum in the Waikato District Council Catchment area. Alan is extremely interested in the Museum, the history of this district, and is prepared to work hard to establish a new location and building for this unique Museum.

In 2004 Alan stood for the Waikato District Council, Huntly Ward but was not successful - better luck next time. However Alan says thanks to all those who voted for him. The support was extremely gratifying.

We hope that you enjoy this site! and please support the advertisers, as they help make this site possible! We do not seek any Grants or donations to support this web site, only our advertisers help us!

Huntly's Library

Looking across the street towards Huntly's new Library.

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