Yanny Split - Fibre Artist

Yanny Split

Born in the Netherlands way back in 1947; emigrated to New Zealand in 1987 and now married to Alan, one of the better known Dealers (of antiques and Collectables). Together, what a combination!
But this is about Yanny.....

"to create a statement with Fabric that is not necessarily for everyday wear but to be
enjoyed and appreciated as a Statement.."

Yanny by Ruth Fisher Yanny does not like making everyday clothes! What she likes is combining her love of Color and Fabric, and with plenty of experimentation, arriving somewhere completely new!
She likes talking and learning, and also passing on her knowledge to anyone who wants to learn. She enjoys Teaching, and passing on all the great ideas that she likes and uses.
She loves her work! and she loves lots of great and crazy ideas!!

"continue to experiment with all new aspects just to increase the
possibilities in my own design...."

Participating in group exhibitions and working on a solo exhibition will be the focus for the next few years.

Reworking early work in customizing clothing will be part of this excerise and making more environmently friendly decisions.

"Moving forward is an exciting as ever!"

Please follow the Links, from her List of Awards, to the Summer School of Art, to her display of selected works!

Queries? Just give Yanny an email at Yanny@huntly.net.nz

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